Monday, 21 June 2010

some London goodies

Hyde Park Corner
My favorite painting of all time is one done by Monet of parliament at sunset. I wish I could have somehow captured an angle of parliament that would be even 1/100 as beautiful... but alas... this is what you're stuck with.
Big Ben
Me at Hyde Park
Hyde Park
In the Victoria and Albert Museum, there was this structure called the tower of books. It was one of my favorite things in that museum. It was essentially.... a tower of books....
Peej, I tried to take a picture of me with some Dolce and Gabbana purses, but was reprimanded before we could get away with it.
Will is one of Rob's best friends and biggest heroes. He is also probably one of the best traveling buddies I've ever chilled with.

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  1. Oh, nevermind me asking who Will was. Now I know. I am seriously jealous of you being there.