Sunday, 24 October 2010

My Sweet Pup.

PJ and I stroll arm-in-arm along a street in Barcelona. We have no idea where we are or where we’re going. My bus leaves in a half an hour, so I guess we have time to be walking at the pace we’re going. It’s been a rare event, Peej and I spending time alone in another country. Just 10 days ago we met at a hotel at 11 PM after my flight, bus, and taxi ride there. I hadn’t seen my little brother in two months, so I practically tackled him in the lobby. We went to dinner and then clubbing that night, then stayed up till three in the morning talking and laughing about everything that had happened since the Queen deemed me worthy enough to enter her country. I told him how a 45-year-old black British man had bought me a drink at the airport earlier that day and PJ showed me a hilarious Sarah Silverman clip. We slept in a huge ass bed.

I’ll see him in a week, but I wish I was leaving with him now. Being away from PJ for more than a couple of days gives me anxiety. He is like a little puppy. In fact, that’s literally what I call him. He is Puppy and I am Kitten. This trip has gone by way too fast and now I feel like I’m strolling arm-in-arm to the gallows. We get to the bus station and I run around trying to find my bus with Peej following close behind. I finally find the right vehicle and PJ waits till I get on the bus. I hate saying goodbye to this little man that always manages to weasel his way deep into my heart. This best friend of mine who can put me in a good mood no matter how mad or bitchy I am. This sweet guy that inspires me more than any other person I know and has taught me that dreaming is incredible when it leads to awakened creation. I hug my brother, get on the bus, and watch him walk away. I know he will wonder around Barcelona and probably do something magical tonight. I know that everyone he comes in contact with will walk away feeling like happiness is tangible. My sweet Pup. Thank you for showing me that life is worth living.

Candle Holder in the night

You dream dreams

Of heights so few have reached

You show others

That there is still light in life

Still Joy, Hope, and Aspiration

You shout your dreams

From the rooftops

And hold your candle high

Then from the distance

Others hear your call

Awakened, Inspired Dreamers

See your light

And in turn

Hold theirs to the sky

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Gorgeous places with Puppy and Bunny

These are some of my favorite pictures from the best cruise of my life. I loved sharing so many amazing moments with Bucc and Pup.

This is right after Peej and I met up in Barcelona and right before we went out for the night. That was hands down one of the best nights of my life. It was my first time seeing PJ in a couple of months so we went out at midnight into the middle of the city. First we went to a Jazz club .... that was incredible ... then we grabbed a bite to eat where our waiter creepily knew PJ's name, and then went clubbing for a while. We got back to the hotel around 2:30 and didn't get to sleep till 4 cause we were talking and laughing about anything and everything.
This is the best vegan restaurant/juice bar ever.
A door in Malta. They had the most beautiful doors there.
One of the many 70's looking buses found in Malta.
The Blue Grotto.
The Blue Grotto.
Boats near the Blue Grotto.
Birds in Malta.
A Door in Malta.
Another Door in Malta.
Malta from the Ship.
Africa! It was so good to be back around Muslims and Arabic again... where most people didn't get off the ship because they felt threatened, I felt like I was coming home. I miss that culture.
The Blue City ...
We found this area that was completely empty and gorgeous.
In this hidden area, was a house built by a man that was one of the instigators of the Cairo Convention. I was so excited because I learned about the Cairo Convention from my Islam Class in Israel. I guess more stuck than the Handbali rhyme we made up right before the test. The house was gorgeous and has been the home of intimate concerts for decades.
Gorgeous Blue doors.
More Gorgeous Blue Doors.
In Rome we didn't see one main sight. We DID search for a bathroom for a good 45 minutes, crash an Italian birthday party, and have Autumn set off an alarm to an Embassy building. Who needs sights?
And we found this beautiful little church on a side street.
Sunset from the boat.
It was raining in La Spezia the day we were there.
A boat in the rain.
A couple in the rain.
Trooper in the rain.
Everyone had these sweet colorful umbrellas.
Bucc on our rainy adventure.
A lone bench in the rain.
The church where I met Luigi. I wandered off alone into this church and noticed a guy staring at me. He approached me a few minutes later, asked me out for drinks, spoke very close to my face, and kissed me on the cheek. After he kissed me on the cheek and pulled away, I was like, "oh... what the heck...", so I grabbed his face and kissed him. I kissed a sexy Italian guy in an old Italian Church. Check.
The town next to La Spezia where we had our rain adventures.
Dusk after rain in Italy.
A french man looking over his bill while puffin on his cigar.
Us. A man contemplating on the beach in Corsica. I love this shot.
A child playing on the beach in Corsica.
Fireworks over Corsica celebrating Napoleon's birthday.
"So let's get rich and buy our parents homes in the South of France... lets get rich and build a house on a mountain making everybody look like ants. You and I.. You and I"
It's not the shirtless man that makes this shot great, it's.... never mind... it's the shirtless man that makes it great.
A shot in the Hotel found in the medieval village at the top of the hill in Eze, France.
A bench in the church in Eze.
Bucc, Puppy, and my watches that we bought in Eze.
This Medieval village was one of the coolest places I've ever seen. It was gorgeous and so fun.