Sunday, 24 October 2010

My Sweet Pup.

PJ and I stroll arm-in-arm along a street in Barcelona. We have no idea where we are or where we’re going. My bus leaves in a half an hour, so I guess we have time to be walking at the pace we’re going. It’s been a rare event, Peej and I spending time alone in another country. Just 10 days ago we met at a hotel at 11 PM after my flight, bus, and taxi ride there. I hadn’t seen my little brother in two months, so I practically tackled him in the lobby. We went to dinner and then clubbing that night, then stayed up till three in the morning talking and laughing about everything that had happened since the Queen deemed me worthy enough to enter her country. I told him how a 45-year-old black British man had bought me a drink at the airport earlier that day and PJ showed me a hilarious Sarah Silverman clip. We slept in a huge ass bed.

I’ll see him in a week, but I wish I was leaving with him now. Being away from PJ for more than a couple of days gives me anxiety. He is like a little puppy. In fact, that’s literally what I call him. He is Puppy and I am Kitten. This trip has gone by way too fast and now I feel like I’m strolling arm-in-arm to the gallows. We get to the bus station and I run around trying to find my bus with Peej following close behind. I finally find the right vehicle and PJ waits till I get on the bus. I hate saying goodbye to this little man that always manages to weasel his way deep into my heart. This best friend of mine who can put me in a good mood no matter how mad or bitchy I am. This sweet guy that inspires me more than any other person I know and has taught me that dreaming is incredible when it leads to awakened creation. I hug my brother, get on the bus, and watch him walk away. I know he will wonder around Barcelona and probably do something magical tonight. I know that everyone he comes in contact with will walk away feeling like happiness is tangible. My sweet Pup. Thank you for showing me that life is worth living.

Candle Holder in the night

You dream dreams

Of heights so few have reached

You show others

That there is still light in life

Still Joy, Hope, and Aspiration

You shout your dreams

From the rooftops

And hold your candle high

Then from the distance

Others hear your call

Awakened, Inspired Dreamers

See your light

And in turn

Hold theirs to the sky

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  1. Looking for Hobbits in Chile and find this, a blog and post I didn't know existed. Brought me to (happy) tears. Love you