Monday, 21 June 2010

London Baby

Hello London. Yes, I think I will stop and have Falafel at a Lebanese Café while watching the World Cup and drinking refreshing diet coke. I guess I’ll stroll through Hyde Park if you insist upon it. Oh, and you want me to see Big Ben, Parliament, and West Minster as well? Alright, fine. Will and I went into London today. He was such a great traveling buddy. We walked around everywhere. It was nice just chillin and doing whatever. We started at the Victoria and Albert Museum, which was incredible, and I saw the tower of books and this jewelry collection that was stunning… (which is saying something because I’m not usually into jewelry). It also had models of a bunch of famous architecture which was way amazing. Not to mention the huge bed they had as well. No comment. I’m afraid my mother would be sorely disappointed in me if I made one at this point. I love going through this stuff at my own pace and listening to Blind Pilot and Bon Ivor (which I’m obsessed with now…thank you Emma Richey) and not having an ear piece in my ear, pretending to listen to some tour guide as he explains stuff about cisterns … in the most boring way possible… or tries to be interesting, but still isn’t… which is almost worse because there seems like the hope of something entertaining…a hope that only appears long enough to be recognized before it’s dashed to pieces on the rocks of pointless facts.

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  1. So jealous...also, Bon Iver and Blind Pilot are great choices, try listening to them whilst taking a long train ride. It will change your life forever.