Saturday, 21 August 2010


Naples gets it's own post because the pictures here were some of my favorite.

Bucc brought us around to her favorite spots. I dunno even know what this place is called, but the architecture was awesome. Props Bucc.
The Graffiti in Naples is incredible... and everywhere.
There is some expression of love on every wall.
Oh, Little European cars.
And Little European Doors.
The streets were awesome.
Pup always looks good from this Angle.
The People in Napoli were some of the friendliest people I've ever met. They were so wonderful.
The people in Napoli would just sit out on their balconies and when you called up to them, they'd happily call back... or pose for pictures, like this sweet man. :)
This little old man was adorable.
Another gem that posed for me. It's amazing the people you meet if you are willing to step outside of yourself, if only for a moment. There are countless people that I've perhaps only met in passing, who will forever stay with me because they couldn't contain their light within themselves, it leaked out and rushed into me and gave me that much more reason to live. That is what gives meaning to life. Thank you to all of those people that have chosen to completely open themselves to life. You are the candle holders in the night.
Bucc always has the best ideas for people pictures. Props to her amazing ideas which will show up throughout the med cruise pictures.
"You are so annoying!" "Who, me?!" "Nooooo..."
Napoli back streets
View of Naples from the top of a hill that some sweet old men gave us directions to. Without hand signals I would have had no idea what they were talking about. ha ha.
While we were in Napoli we discovered the coolest hotel. It is built into some ruins on the side of a hill that overlooks all of Naples. This is us on the roof.
PJ picking limes on the roof. Yup... they had limes growing up there.
Me with the limes.
Some of the ruins on the side of the hotel.
They had a whole canopy of grape vines that covered a good portion of the roof. They were tasty little things.
PJ on the ledge of the stairs leading to the overlook.
Some more sweet graffiti.
Everyone in Naples hangs their clothes out on their balconies to dry. I loved that. You'd often see old women come out and switch out clothes and sheets to dry.

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  1. smetch, i'm in LOVE with your blog. LOVE, i say. your words are just as beautiful as your pictures. these will forever be some of my favorite memories in life!!!!! xo