Sunday, 1 August 2010

Bucc and The Baltic

I just got back from a ridiculous cruise with Bucc in the Baltic. It was so good to be able to spend time with her again. The first day that we that we hung out we went to Leeds Castle with her friends and I couldn't help but grinning like an idiot the whole day cause I was so excited to be with my big sis. She is awesome.

We went on a sweet tour around the Castle Grounds. Here is Bucc talking to the sheep.
The second night on the ship was a formal night and since I have no sense of style or ability to make myself look like anything that resembles a feminine woman, Bucc helped me get ready. It was actually way fun having her teach me the ropes of how to look exactly like her.... :)
Vigeland Park in Oslo, Norway. I've never had sculptures make such an impression on me as the ones in this park. They were stunning.
Me looking at the Fjords of Norway. They were gorgeous.
Yes, I am excited to get back to school and cook Foodish every night with D.
We met this way awesome Jewish chick who worked at a shop in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is her tat of the verses in 1st Samuel where Jonathan and David swear an oath of friendship. Her best friend has the same tat on her arm as well. She was super awesome.
In Germany we went to the Sachenhausen Concentration Camp.
This is a church in the little port town we docked at in Germany.
It had incredible beaches.
And was way charming. I could have stayed there for days.
This little kid was so cute. I wanted to give him some change, so I got an ice cream cone to break a bill. I was happily eating it leaning over the bridge watching the water and was just going in for another bite when out of NO WHERE my cone freaking exploded! I quickly looked around and spotted a seagull dropping down to the water with the remains. I couldn't believe it! I got poned by some bird! I know as he flew off with my creamy delight in his mouth that the only thing in his head was, "Boom...Roasted!"
This was a sweet looking building in Tallinn, Estonia. This was my favorite port.
A door in Tallinn.
These corks were sitting by the door of a sweet looking restaurant.
This is the antique shop in Tallinn where I purchased one of those sweet cameras.
Bucc in Tallinn.
Bucc modeling a medieval hat.
Bucc Workin' it in Tallinn.
Some sweet graffiti in Tallinn.
Tallinn Bikers.
One of my favorite things about the cruise was the people I ate dinner with. They were so incredible and so fun! I had a bomb dinner group.
Me loving the Swedish Fjords at 5 AM.
Swedish Fjords in the morning light.
Swedish Fjords.
Stockholm, Sweden.
We looked around in a photo shop in Stockholm. Becca and I loved this picture and on the day I left the ship, she handed me a little bag with this picture in it with a note on the back. It was one of the sweetest gifts I've ever gotten. Her note meant a lot to me. Thank you so much, Bucc.
It was gay pride in Stockholm while we were there.
The Swedish Fjords from my chair on deck.
ummm... my honeymoon spot on the Fjords? Done!
Sunset in the Baltic.
The cruise ship freaking passed under this bridge.... twice! I swear there was only a few feet between the bridge and the top of the ship. It was awesome.


  1. awwww......SO much fun....and now you're on ANOTHER amazing cruise.....okay, so post again and fill us in .... (love this blog.)

  2. You eating an ice cream cone in total ignorance and bliss then suddenly having it kifed by a seagull on a mission is the single most hilarious thing I have ever envisioned. Why am I never present for such occasions?