Sunday, 4 July 2010

A Day In Cambridge

Will Looking Hardcore
I love the Colorful Doors they have in England.
That Old Lady is kicking her husbands trash....
Some Cambridge bikes.
"Stop telephoning me" - It's brilliant to hear little kids singing Lady Gaga in their little British accents over here.
Outside a Shop in Cambridge
It was graduation for a bunch of the schools. This is a shot of one of them from the river.
A Posh old man reflects on the good ol' days when he spent time at Cambridge.
A shot of one of the buildings from the river.
Punting baby!
Punting was awesome. Alex, I can see why you fell in... Props.
The Siblings.
Will and I showed up with basically the same outfit on... Che Vergogna ....


  1. awkward question, but who is Will? And these are brilliant pictures Gretch. erin

  2. Good day, that one. (And Erin: Will is Rob and Amy's great friend...he's in England for the summer taking a course at Oxford...married with two kids..)