Thursday, 15 July 2010


Let me first say that before I even got to Edinburgh, my life was completed. While I was sitting in the airport waiting for my flight, I looked over and what did I see? A Premordial Dwarf! It was the most amazing day of my life! (If you don't know what a premordial dwarf is, just watch a TLC special on them and your life will be changed forever).
The Queen felt so bad about me being deported earlier this summer, that she decided to join me in Edinburgh the day after I got there. I would have loved the one on one time with her highness, but my invitation to her huge Tea Party with hundreds of Posh Scots must have gotten lost in the mail. Damned fate.
A view while hiking up to Arthur's seat in Holyrood park (Which is basically the Queen's nature reserve that is located right across the street from the Palace).
A Side street in Edinburgh.
Me looking like a baby at the top of Arthur's Seat.
My first Bueno since Jeru. How have I gone this long without them in my life? Jealous, anyone?
I wish I could say that this is my dream-come-true premordial dwarf... but it is just a cute little girl I saw at the castle.
A bagpiper at the 21 gun salute they did for the Queen at Edinburgh Castle.
Spectators at the 21 gun salute. I dunno why I like this shot so much...
Part of a ruin in Holyrood Park.
The Queen's Garden Party....that she forgot to invite me to.
Walking through Holyrood Park... Time Bomb, baby!
I was in Holyrood Park for 7 hours one day and had to duck behind trees and bushes a couple of times to answer nature's call.
Me on top of a cliff overlooking Edinburgh. Time Bomb. Yeah, man. I threw it down.
Overlooking Edinburgh.
Holyrood Park. Seriously... My pictures don't do it justice... I could camp there for the rest of my life. It was gorgeous.
I hiked Arthur's seat in my Rainbow sandals....twice...Props to the Rainbow people.
Time Bomb. Overlooking Edinburgh.
Time Bomb.... Hiking up the trail from Holyrood Palace.
The Royal Mile.
In the gorgeous park below the Castle.
In a side street.
They gave a 21 gun salute at Edinburgh Castle when the Queen came into town. An onlooking officer.
Stairs leading up to the Royal Mile.


  1. Oh my word . . . so many things to say.

    I laughed hysterically about the premordial dwarf. Not only because imagining your face the moment you laid eyes on her was hysterical, but because my mind wandered back to the night you first expressed to me your love for the dwarfs, and your need to have one as your child. This was a great, great memory that my brain had lost track of.

    Do you realize how lucky you are? You are seeing the most beautiful things . . . that picture of holyrood park or whatever, in all seriousness, made me cry. That's not a figure of speech, it's the truth.

    What are buenos and why do I feel like I've been cheated my entire life? Please bring one home to me gretch. Please. You know how much I love chocolate . . . could've sworn i saw some brown on that wrapper.

    Live it up out there cause your pleasure cruise ends the second you move back into my house under my law.

  2. and Danielle both make me laugh, I tell you.....(I miss you..)

  3. stop it. your pictures are amazing

    and yes...i'm dang jealous of you eating buenos....and maybe jealous about everything else I guess